Small-batch indoor grown

We grow all of our cannabis in ten precision-controlled, indoor grow-rooms, using a finely-calibrated, “flood and drain” hydroponic growing system. Our method is highly controlled, consistent, efficient, and repeatable and allows us to make precise refinements in pursuit of perpetually improving results.

High-quality genetics

We’ve curated our portfolio of dried flower products to offer a diverse range of experiences. Leveraging our segregated, onsite, mother facility, we’ll be continuing to expand our genetic library in an effort to continually reward loyal consumers with a constantly evolving
portfolio of cultivars.


Irradiation is the process of exposing dried cannabis flower to low levels of radiation in order to eradicate microbial contaminants. We believe there is sound evidence that suggests this process has harmful effects on some of the compounds in cannabis we love, like terpenes. Because we operate within such a small, tightly-controlled environment, under ultra-sanitary conditions, our process does not require irradiation or any other microbial cleaning process - contributing, we believe, to a higher-quality end-user experience.

Shipped fresh

Part of our unique process includes staggering the harvests of our ten grow rooms over a ten week cycle. As a result, Steel City Green harvests a fresh batch of premium quality cannabis every week! The predictability and consistency of this process, combined with the special shipping arrangements we’ve put in place, means we’re never out of stock, and we’re consistently providing our retail partners (and, most importantly, our consumers), with a steady stream of always-fresh small-batch cannabis.

Packaged fresh in nitrogen-flushed bags

Our pouches may appear simple on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Each pouch that leaves our facility is infused with food grade pure nitrogen gas prior to departure. Nitrogen aids in preservation of terpenes, resulting in better flavours, aromas, moisture content, and overall freshness. While it might not be the fanciest packaging, it sure
gets the job done (and that’s kinda what we’re about).

Exceptional aroma and experience

In the end, everything comes down to this. From our genetics to our processes to our packaging - everything we do is about delivering the best possible product experience to our consumers. We’re proud of our work and confident in our product, and we think if you give us a shot, you’ll see why. And the best part? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it.
Our Strains


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