Steel City Green is the adult-use Cannabis brand created by Hamilton Ontario-based licensed producer “A B Laboratories Inc.” Our facility, our operations, where our founder and our staff live… is here in Hamilton, Ontario. We were born and raised with Steel City Values, and that shines through in our work ethic and the product we produce.

Steel City Values

What do we mean by “Steel City Values”? Well, if you grew up here, live here, and work here, like we do, we probably wouldn’t have to explain. You’d get that it meant something about hard-work, substance over style, and taking pride in what we do. At least, that’s what it means to us.

Hamilton became known as “The Steel City” thanks to a rich history in steel manufacturing. In fact, we were and still are Canada’s largest producer of steel. But de-industrialization has hit the city hard over the past decades and for a while now it’s felt like Hamilton has had the deck stacked against it.

But there’s something palpable going on in the “Steel City” today. While Hamilton has experienced hardships, you're starting to see the “Steel City” badge be worn with pride. We sense a resurgence. And we’re excited to play a small part in it.

But even more than economically, we want to bring forward and share the values that we believe come from this city’s history. The values that we hold and aim to represent as a brand.

So what were those values again?

Allow us to summarize...

Work Harder

At bottom, this sums up our business strategy. Work harder to bring a better quality product to the consumer. Period.

Substance Over Style

We respect our consumers. We don’t believe in tricking them into buying our product. Success will be driven by the quality of our work. Simplicity is success.

Proud of who we are

Small but mighty, we wear our status with pride. We believe in our product and will go toe-to-toe with the largest in our industry and will not be overshadowed.

This is what we mean by "Steel City Values", and it’s the reason we named our brand “Steel City Green.”

Thank you for your interest. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get back to work growing the best damn cannabis we can.


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