July 7, 2021

July Launches - The Scoop on Grind

Our newest releases – Strawberry Cream, Strawberry Cream Grind and Chocolate Mint OG Grind – are hitting the shelves soon, so here is everything you need to know.

Strawberry Cream is a new strain to the Steel City lineup. With lineage from Strawberry Crème and Ice Cream, this unique, sativa-dominant cultivar features an impressive blanket of trichomes in flower, and a syrupy strawberry milkshake aroma when dried. We will be offering this strain in 3.5g of whole flower as well as 7g of milled flower (Grind).

Chocolate Mint OG Grind is an extension of our best selling strain, Chocolate Mint OG, delivered in a new milled format. Chocolate Mint OG is a high THC, indica-dominant strain and offers sweet, tangy citrus and mint flavors and aromas accompanied by a lingering mint flavor when consumed.

Ready to go when you are, Strawberry Cream Grind and Chocolate Mint OG Grind are milled to perfection for easy rolling, packing, vaping, or baking.


What’s different about Steel City’s Grind?

Well, we think there are a few things that set us apart from other milled offerings.

-Our milled cannabis pouches are infused with nitrogen as well as paired with a humidity pack to maintain moisture. Aka, no over-dried, dusty weed.

-We promise to never use shake or trim in our milled product. It consists solely of whole flower that has been milled.

-This product is a strain-specific offering, which means every time you buy it, you know you are getting the same reliable strain. No guessing games here.

-We are offering bang for your buck. Our Grind is affordable, accessible, and a great price and quality of cannabis.

-Our quality is consistent; thanks to our microclimate grow rooms and consistent phenotypes, our cannabis is not only high quality, it’s consistently high quality.

-Our cannabis is not irradiated, contributing to a better quality end product (and, nodding to our highly sanitary indoor facilities).

•Strawberry Cream 3.5g whole flower          • 18-23% THC • $29.95 retail

•Strawberry Cream Grind 7g milled flower • 16-21% THC • $34.95 retail

•Chocolate Mint OG Grind 7g milled flower • 17-22% THC • $34.95 retail

You loved Chocolate Mint OG in our 3.5 whole flower offering, and we are so excited to now be offering it in a convenient 7g milled configuration, along with a delicious new strawberry summer-sativa. We can’t wait to hear what you think.


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