September 21, 2021

Price Drop!

Yes, that’s right Ontario, we have officially dropped the price on all of our whole flower SKU’s.

Previously, our 3.5g offerings were retailing between $32-35. Sure, that may have been competitive, however we are constantly striving to do better. Here at Steel City Green, our goal is to be an affordable, accessible, and reliable producer for frequent tokers and everyday smokers. We believe that cannabis should be enjoyed without breaking the bank (and tastes a little better when 3.5g didn’t cost as much as a tank of gas). Lowering our prices was an essential step in this journey.

Our new retail prices (taxes in) are as follows:

Lemon Ziddy 3.5g - $24.95
Glueberry OG 3.5g - $24.95
HiFi 4G 3.5g - $24.95
Chocolate Mint OG 3.5g - $29.95
Strawberry Cream 3.5g - $29.95

And as a reminder, all of our 7g Grind offerings retail at $34.95.

We have had the same vision since day one, and that’s summed up below:

Provide high quality dried cannabis to the Ontario market at an excellent price.

As the industry matures, I think we have all learned a few things:

1.      Price does not always equal quality

2.     Good weed does not have to cost an arm and a leg

As a small company, we heavily value consumer and budtender feedback, and are eager to adapt and evolve with the Ontario market to best serve our consumers with great Ontario-grown cannabis.

Stay tuned for some big things coming in October.

Thank you for your support, and we’ll catch you next time!


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