May 7, 2021

Why We Package in Nitrogen

Have you ever wondered why we Nitrogen flush your cannabis pouch?  Nitrogen flushing is the act of forcing oxygen out of your vessel and replacing it with Nitrogen gas. The primary purpose of this packaging measure is to help preserve your dried cannabis flower.

Nitrogen gas is utilized for its ability to preserve a product and prevent degradation.  It is commonly applied in the food industry as an effective way of retaining the quality of various foods, including chips, fruit, veggies and beer to name a few.  The same scientific principles apply to cannabis - oxygen reacts with biological material and breaks it down, while Nitrogen gas does not.  It is used to protect against oxidation, and in turn, preserve and maintain terpenes, cannabinoid levels (THC), moisture content, and overall quality of the flower. 

There are many important factors to packaging and preserving cannabis, and we try to practice all of them. Nitrogen gas is a safe, highly effective, widely used and recognized method of maintaining the quality of consumable products until it is opened. During our packaging process, each and every pouch receives a double-infusion of Nitrogen gas (vacuum oxygen, inject with nitrogen, repeat) prior to being sealed and sent out the door. If you notice our pouches are slightly inflated and pillow-like, this is thanks to the Nitrogen. Additionally, a little bit of inflation helps protect the buds during transportation, inspection, and stocking. 

Just how long does it last? While our cannabis does not have a dedicated expiration date, we feel confident in Nitrogen’s ability to maintain excellent quality cannabis for several months up to a year. 

The benefit to you, the consumer, is that in combination with our effort to maintain recent packaging dates, you get optimal quality cannabis that is just as fresh as the day it left our facility.


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